Hospitality Ministers

Los Altos Catholic Church

Hospitality Ministers

St. Paul instructed the assembled community to “welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, to the glory of God” Romans 15:7

The importance of the ministry of hospitality is clear in the above quotations. In the spirit of the ongoing renewal that liturgy requires Christian hospitality is first and foremost centered in Christ. It is an expression of reverence for the presence of Christ in each member of the assembly; it is rooted in the sacrament of baptism. True hospitality draws us together and opens us up to participate in the liturgy. An ancient Christian saying expresses it this way: “When a guest comes, Christ comes.”

It is the minister of hospitality’s ministry to greet people warmly, to introduce strangers, to help people sit together, to pass out hymnals when necessary, to care for any needs (if someone gets sick, or other emergencies), to take up the collection, to help with good order at communion, to distribute bulletins and such in the course of saying goodbye to everyone or to direct people to coffee/ donuts in the Spooncer Hall. One who would be a minister of hospitality must be one with a sense for liturgical prayer.

How does one become a Minister of Hospitality?

If you would be interested in serving in the Ministry of Hospitality, contact the Liturgy Director.