Spiritual Gifts Inventory

Los Altos Catholic Church

Spiritual Gifts Inventory

cha·ris·ma (kə riz′mə) – a divinely inspired gift, grace, or talent

The Spiritual Gifts Inventory is a wonderful discovery tool that provides a personalized analysis of spiritual gifts. Not a test, but a simple questionnaire.

The Inventory is a process of discerning one’s charisms, which “empower a Christian to be a channel of God’s love in the world” — in a powerful and unique way! Discerning the charisms we have been given can be an exciting and fruitful experience for nearly all baptized adults, young and old.

At St. Simon Parish, Sr. Rebecca Shinas, OP is a certified personal coach for this process. Please give Sr. Rebecca a call at 650-967-8311 x13 or send an email to see if this process would be helpful for you in naming your gifts.