Parish Life Group (PLG)

Los Altos Catholic Church

Parish Life Group

Building ONE Community United in Faith!

The Parish Life Group (PLG) consists of a variety of parishioners who reflect the parish community and promote the philosophy of being ONE united parish. This group helps provide opportunities to build connections among parishioners through social events and parish fundraising activities that are grounded in God’s presence and the mission of Jesus. PLG members are examples of our welcoming, dynamic and united faith community by empowering parishioners to work in teams to successfully host events/fundraisers that reflect who we truly are: ONE parish, ONE community!  

Come be a part of this group! We are always looking for new members to help in any way possible and it is also a great way to get to know your fellow parishioners. However, there is no guilt if you can’t make EVERYTHING – donate your time and talent when possible! Remember, many hands make light work and this is what we are all about! So, join the fun and help in set up, decorations, food preparations, and/or clean up for any of these events!