Outreach and Social Justice Council

Los Altos Catholic Church

Outreach and Social Justice Council


The community of St. Simon Catholic Church identifies outreach and social justice as key components of its mission statement and vision. Specifically, St. Simon Catholic Parish strives to serve others through compassionate and personal outreach and commits to social justice. To do this, the parish community commits to the following:
  • Attend to the pastoral needs of our parishioners who are in vulnerable stages of life.
  • Advocate for those in need in our community and beyond.
  • Evangelize through visible and tangible good works.
  • Build a deeper understanding of Catholic social teaching and a greater commitment to act for social justice.
  • Develop, support and carry out a parish-wide outreach plan.


The council will help to coordinate and provide focus to the ministries who carry out parish wide Pastoral Care, Outreach and Social Justice efforts. The council will facilitate the implementation of the Outreach and Social Justice 5 Year Plan, and continually renew the plan.


The Council should consist of a variety of parishioners to ensure all perspectives are considered in council decisions. Council members are to serve a three year term. Ideally, each member should have a passion or some previous background in outreach or social justice ministries. Council membership should include representatives from the following:
  • Adult Spiritual Formation
  • Children and Youth Ministries
  • St. Simon School
  • Diocesan Social Justice Liaison
  • Representative from St. Vincent de Paul
  • Representative from Visiting Ministries
  • Member of the Pastoral Staff
  • Member from Clergy