Finance Council

Los Altos Catholic Church

Finance Council


The primary objective of the Parish Finance Council is to oversee all aspects of the Parish’s financial activities including financial planning, performance, reporting, internal controls and communications. Further, the council is to coordinate with other councils in the Parish as appropriate to achieve the desired goals of the Parish community. All matters voted on by the council represent a recommendation to the Pastor.


The Parish Finance Council should consist of a variety of parishioners to ensure all perspectives are considered in council decisions. Council members are to serve a three year term except for the chair, who should serve for four years. Ideally, each member should have some previous background in financial matters.

Policy Statement:

St. Simon Parish complies with policies and procedures of the Diocese of San Jose to assure transparency of our financial operations.  We publish a quarterly financial statement in the parish bulletin and generate a year end financial report which is mailed to all registered parishioners.  Information concerning parish finances can be obtained by contacting the Chair of the Finance Council or by contacting the Parish Business Office, 650-967-8311, ext 16.