Los Altos Catholic Church


Many of the volunteer opportunities are offered from our St. Simon developed App, ENGAGE. This is the platform that we use to manage volunteer needs throughout the Parish and the functions appear in two categories, Parish and School. A major way for parishioners and school families to become and active and vital part in the life of our St. Simon Parish Community is through ENGAGE!

Below is a quick tutorial for how to volunteer through ENGAGE. For questions please contact Marilyn Willey at or Darcy Yaley at If you are an event coordinator, please contact Marily for School events and Darcy for Parish events to set up the ENGAGE calendar for you.


  • Users sign up for events filtered by those only applicable to them, at the community, school or student level. They can set their filters, top bar.
  • Hover over the tile to see the description of the event.
  • Notice if FULL under the tile, or how many more are needed.
  • Click on the tile to show who has signed up
  • Click on the tile to click the email link to the event’s coordinator to ask a question.
  • A user’s profile shows family members. Signup anyone on your profile for a slot (unless this slot is not for students or requires adult clearance).
  • Your personal dashboard shows your family members’ hours; handy for a parent to see their student’s service hours requirement status.
  • You will receive a 48-hour reminder email. If you cancel 48 hours prior, you will get a message to let you know the event coordinator will be alerted.