Report Mismanagement

Los Altos Catholic Church

Report Financial Mismanagement

To enable the fulfillment of its mission the Diocese of San Jose, and St. Simon Catholic Parish, is committed to transparent dealings with all of its faithful and members of the public. Accountability is a very important element of this transparency. We attempt to involve a large and diversified number of people in consultative bodies at every level of the Church structure, through finance and parish councils and many other consultative groups.

Please visit the Diocesan website to learn more about Ethics Reporting.

EthicsPoint will accept reports of misconduct through its website at the links on this page,, or the hotline telephone number 1-888-325-7863. They will provide a complete report to the Diocese of San Jose. We will then continue the investigation and determine how best to resolve the issues. You will receive feedback on the progress of the investigation.

For violations or concerns regarding Youth Protection or Vulnerable Adults you may contact the Office for the Protection of Children and Vulnerable Adults Office at 1-408-983-0144.