Our Pastoral Plan

Los Altos Catholic Church

Pastoral Plan Update

Anyone who hears my words and puts them into practice is like the wise person who built the house on rock. The rainy season set in, the torrents came and the winds blew and buffeted the house. It did not collapse. It had been set solidly on rock.

Matthew, 7: 24-25

Our God is Lord of the future, not just the past and the present. He desires His Church to move boldly forward in the power of His great Name. In 2008, guided by the Holy Spirit and with the support of Pastor Warwick James, a core team of parishioners launched a 5 year planning process for our parish and for our schools. Including our Visioning Workshop and Strategic Focus Team attendees, there have been over 175 parishioners involved; participating in 70 working sessions, engaging with our 54 parish organizations, and resulting in 150 recommended action items touching all facets of parish life.

We developed a plan for the future, outlined in the file attached on this page. The plan was in its implementation phase with general over site and support from the Pastoral Council.

Every 3 years the Pastoral Council works to update the Pastoral Plan.

Our Mission

St. Simon Catholic Parish fosters Christ-centered discipleship through lifelong spiritual formation, open sharing of our gifts and active participation in our Church, schools and greater community.

Our Vision

St. Simon Catholic Parish strives to . . .

  • Be a welcoming, dynamic, and united faith community connected to the universal Catholic Church.
  • Embrace a spirit of stewardship to generously share our time, talent, treasure and faith.
  • Evangelize using the pillars of the Word, Worship, and Witness.
  • Ground all parish events within the context of prayer, God’s presence, and the mission of Jesus.
  • Achieve excellence in education.
  • Inspire profound faith and spiritual formation for all ages.
  • Provide vibrant and engaging youth ministries. 
  • Celebrate relevant and inspirational liturgies.
  • Serve others through compassionate personal outreach in our community and beyond.
  • Commit to social justice.